Hi, I'm Ellie Hall. I'm a USA Today bestselling author. If only that meant I could wear a tiara and get away with it. ;) I love puppies, books, and the ocean. Writing sweet romance with lots of firsts and fizzy feels gives me immense joy. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies are my fave. I believe in dreaming big, working hard, and lazy Sunday afternoons spent with my family and dog in gratitude for God’s grace.

Give me a good book, my dog, a cozy place to curl up and I'm golden. But even better, knowing that you're living your own version of that sweet scene with one of my stories brings me great joy and satisfaction. The opportunity to share the pages with you, the stories, the laughs, and tears is an honor.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for visiting. Oh, and please let me know what your version of the book, the dog, and the cozy spot is over on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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