They say true love only happens once in a lifetime. But what about a second chance with your first love?

College. Wait tables. Hospital. Repeat...until a customer with a smoldering smirk makes an offer I have to refuse...well, until I face cold, hard reality.

If I marry him so he can get his green card, I’ll be able to pay the bills. The only problem is, I was in love with him once before.

I’ve heard all it takes is one look. Try two. When I see the sassy sweetheart of a waitress, I do a double take. Newsflash, she’s off-limits.

They say money can’t buy happiness...or a green card. However, it can buy a quick marriage of convenience. But that will cost me, especially since we have a past that I have to keep secret.

This is a standalone sweet, “clean and wholesome” romance. It’s faith-friendly, without swearing or mature content, and contains a happily ever after. Longtime readers will spot Easter Eggs from my other books and series. New readers will get teases from some of my books and series, sprinkled throughout Navy and Cooper’s love story.

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